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    As An AWS Independent Software Vendor Partner, We Proudly Leverage AWS To Deliver Industry-Leading Information Management Solutions At Lightening-Fast Speeds.

    AWS is a massive cloud platform that features hundreds of products. For the uninitiated, leveraging that power can seem quite intimidating. How do you harvest the benefits of hundreds of products without overextending precious resources, navigating dead ends, and dealing with the numerous common hazards that come with on-boarding a new technology?

    We have some good news: OneVizion® has already done the research and heavy lifting for you. When you use our information management and project deployment solutions, you also get the full power of AWS, from application servers to load balancers to dedicated S3 storage, DNS, and VPN security. Furthermore, we are industry experts who understand that everyone’s requirements are different. That means all of these AWS benefits are quickly and expertly scaled to your specific users, processes, and products. With OneVizion, you can get started in weeks – not months or years.

    How OneVizion And AWS Work Together

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    Operational Flexibility

    With the backing of AWS’ flexible, robust, and redundant infrastructure, OneVizion makes it quick and easy to create new instances or replicate your database as needed. This means you can always operate with confidence. On the slim chance that a hosting region in AWS goes down, taking one of our client’s instances with it, we’re back up in 15 minutes in another region.

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    On-Demand Capacity

    OneVizion sizes to your capacity, so you can avoid paying for more space than you need. Forget the days of ordering physical servers to accommodate new projects, requirements, users, and data sources, especially when that need for increased space is temporary. As your capacity requirements change, it’s simple to scale up or down with a few adjustments in your AWS environment.

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    Affordable Storage

    Housing all of your data, documents, photos, and other assets in one centralized location is critical when it comes to gaining a single view of truth for your telecom projects. OneVizion facilitates this view – and keeps your storage costs sane – with the help of AWS. Their model has driven a 30-fold reduction in data storage costs over 15 years, which is in line with other AWS cost reductions for web/application servers, database servers, and similar services.

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    Comprehensive Security

    When your data lives in OneVizion, you don’t just benefit from the security expertise of our team. The entire Amazon team is also worrying about your data security. That means you get robust monitoring and logging capabilities, network and web application firewalls, identity and access control, dedicated VPNs, and data encryption (to name a few).


    The OneVizion Platform: A Complete Information Management System

    As the leading telecom aPaaS provider, our security and auditing features form just one small layer of the visibility and control our platform provides. We centralize all of your data and processes in one intuitive, dynamic platform, so your enterprise can monitor, assess, and optimize its approach to data and document management, asset management, and a wide range of other critical business functions.



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    “Most of all, the OneVizion team we worked with were very interested in helping us achieve our system goals, not just sell us a system. They were willing to be creative, yet honest and direct. With OneVizion, we knew we were adding a partner to our company.”

    Veronica Scozia
    Associate General Counsel


    "OneVizion provided SBA with a highly effective, cost efficient project management and reporting solution, enabling the organization with full visibility across all project related activities. Through its powerful Application Program Interface, we successfully integrated the solution with our ERP, Financial and CRM Systems. OneVizion was easy to configure, quick to implement and provided a high rate of adoption by the user community due to its ease of use and familiar look and feel."

    Jorge Grau
    SVP & CTO


    “Being able to organize the different work/jobs we do and have the info all organized separately and tied to the site with easy reference is something we couldn’t manage effectively before. With everything in one place, we can easily see what needs to be done or what we are missing.”

    Sara Dople
    Senior Project Manager


    "Sprint has a long history of working successfully with OneVizion and its OneVizion project management application in its national network build-out."

    Michele Gehl
    Senior Vice President

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