FAQ: How is the OneVizion solution priced?

by OneVizion

There are three main components to OneVizion pricing...

  1. An application license fee that we base on the number of users; there are pricing tiers that offer discounts as the user count increases.  
  2. A fee to cover Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure.
  3. A fee for the professional services required to deliver the initial implementation.

Total cost of ownership depends upon the number of users and the complexity of the implementation. OneVizion recommends starting by selecting one or two critical business processes that deliver immediate value and return on investment, then, expanding the system into other areas in a deliberate fashion. OneVizion’s professional services team works with your IT team and business stakeholders to develop a system design, implementation plan, and pricing that allows you to start immediately improving your operational efficiencies in a low-cost, low-risk manner.

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About OneVizion

OneVizion is a high productivity application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) that solves the complex problem of centralizing Stranded Information® sets within enterprises. OneVizion supports real-time executive decision-making through flexible and scalable applications that meet the constantly evolving needs of business.


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