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End Information Chaos

The OneVizion platform absorbs information from legacy software systems, spreadsheets, emails, and more to bring order to your data. Solve the stranded information problem and draw valuable insights from a single source of truth.

Track Everything

Turn all of your information into Trackors® (Tracking Object Records) with no limits on captured detail and an easy-to-use hierarchical structure. Trackors allow users to take information from anywhere in the system and combine it into a single list that rolls up data across business or operational boundaries.

Develop Applications Faster

OneVizion is a cloud-based platform that delivers application solutions at a faster pace and at a fraction of the cost and risk of legacy technology. New applications are easy to develop, test, and deploy to all of your users without disrupting your organization.

The OneVizion Platform

The OneVizion platform was built with one goal in mind:  to provide executives with all the necessary information to make well-informed decisions by solving the stranded information problem. Many companies today struggle with maintaing legacy information systems. These systems are unable to communicate with each other, expensive to support, and even more costly to extend. Developing new solutions consumes times, adds another layer of maintenance, and does not address the potential for stranded information.


The OneVizion platform solves the stranded information problem with Trackors, containers for your individual records of data. Trackors can contain unlimited fields to describe the data and are displayed in the familiar grid-like fashion of a spreadsheet. There are no limits on the quantity of Trackors a system can contain. Unlike the traditional relational-database model, the OneVizion data model organizes Trackors in a hierarchical structure (called the Trackor Tree) that can be re-purposed to model new business relationships and requirements.  

Scale with Applications

Once OneVizion becomes your key repository of information, reap additional benefits by leveraging the platform's application development capabilities. With minimal technical skills, users can quickly release applications that maximize automation and facilitate data analysis.

  • Gather data from users through Trackor grids and forms.
  • Map Trackors via Google Maps API.
  • Create WorkPlans to schedule, forecast and track tasks associated to Trackors.
  • Use WorkFlows to guide users through process flows that can be used in online and offline modes.
  • Build logic to enable process automation, data updates, and user notifications.
  • Use Dashboards, Portals, and Reports to visualize your Trackors.
  • Integrate and communicate with other information systems through the OneVizion API.

Dependable Technology

The OneVizion platform is a cloud-based solution that adheres to highest quality of standards in regards to performance, security, and user-experience.


We leverage industry standard technologies and regularly audit our code base using leading security analysis tools. Our APIs and integration capabilities allows for seamless connection with legacy systems as well as enterprise grade applications.


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