OneVizion: Redefining Information Management Solutions for Telecom Enterprises

Collect and organize all of your data in a single source of truth. Then rapidly ideate, build, and deploy apps that fit your business’s evolving needs.

OneVizion’s cloud-based aPaaS solution breaks down your information silos with a powerful, swift, and scalable system. See how our platform handles a diverse array of use cases and industry challenges, so you can take control of disparate assets and systems to enact a digital transformation that grows with your business.

Build Effective Applications For Every Major Business Function

The OneVizion Platform accommodates a wide variety of use cases spanning many business and operational functions. Centralize massive information sets, track a vast number project deliverables, and keep your sensitive data secure – all at the scale and depth your business requires. When all of these functions are housed in one seamless platform, you can optimize decision-making and minimize disruption.

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Data and Document Management

Organize, connect, and share digital documents and data in one dynamic system. With the OneVizion Platform, you control the flow of information. Whether you’re correlating data with work plans and deliverables or standardizing and managing versions of your documents, your digital information is streamlined for success.


Program and Project Management

Ignite your decision-making with total data visibility. Build automated work plans that capture every step and project dependency, ensuring all requirements are met. And robust tracking, forecasting, and management tools let you leverage your resources and data for unprecedented control.

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Asset Management

Tracking sites and capturing accurate asset data means less money and time spent overseeing multiple visits by your work crews. Our flexible framework allows full control over documentation, so your acquisitions and closeouts happen swiftly and smoothly, no matter the exceptions..


CRM and Sales Management

Clearly align processes for your sales and account teams, so lost deals or missed upsells don’t slow down your revenues or growth. OneVizion makes it easy to track touchpoints, update statuses, and collaborate throughout the entire sales or account life cycle.

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Financial Controls and Cost Management

Implement total financial awareness using our real-time revenue forecast tools and seamless integrations with popular finance software. Project management and accounting teams can gain true alignment by connecting custom data sets and project tasks directly with your billing systems.


Security and Auditing

By centralizing and organizing your data in a logical hierarchy, OneVizion’s secure platform safeguards sensitive assets from security vulnerabilities and protects you from future IT audits. Effectively eliminate the risk of compromised data with tools like accessible database logs and change histories.

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Case Management

Is your organization flexible enough to handle the unexpected? Stay on top of ad hoc obstacles and contingencies with our powerful case management tools. OneVizion offers a responsive support ticketing system to track all issues, bugs, and other surprises that may arise when you’re competing in the fast-paced telecom industry.

Proven Solutions Powered by Extensive Telecom Experience

The OneVizion Platform is backed by decades of telecom-specific expertise, but our experience isn’t limited to any one industry or vertical. Our software solutions serve a variety of critical business needs, though our unique background means we deeply understand the processes and demands that matter the most in the hypercompetitive telecom landscape.

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Tower Real Estate

Overcome the chaos of large-scale legal documentation and data management, so you can get back to the site acquisitions, maintenance, and closeouts that drive your business. From leases to customer agreements, your assets are smartly structured with OneVizion.

Telecom Services

Work plans rarely foresee every step in a project. Our platform’s automated workplans, forecasting tools, and sales management enable you to rapidly adapt to ever-changing timelines, budgets, and on-the-fly needs. With our financial planning features, you can also break down department silos across accounting and project teams.


You have massive user bases, tons of assets, and an incredible number of accompanying information sets. We have scalable, reliable systems to tame them. Track thousands of projects and all their constituent parts while preserving your data integrity, so you and your business are never caught off guard by audits or other inquiries.


“Most of all, the OneVizion team we worked with were very interested in helping us achieve our system goals, not just sell us a system. They were willing to be creative, yet honest and direct. With OneVizion, we knew we were adding a partner to our company.”

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Veronica Scozia, Associate General Counsel

OneVizion provided SBA with a highly effective, cost efficient project management and reporting solution, enabling the organization with full visibility across all project related activities. Through its powerful Application Program Interface, we successfully integrated the solution with our ERP, Financial and CRM Systems. OneVizion was easy to configure, quick to implement and provided a high rate of adoption by the user community due to its ease of use and familiar look and feel.


Jorge Grau, SVP & CTO

“...the spreadsheets began to multiply and quickly became unmanageable with the additional jobs on current sites and additional new sites going up. As a group, we knew that having data in so many different places could lead to costly mistakes and overlooked job needs.”


Randy Coffman, Senior Director of Network Implementation

“Being able to organize the different work/jobs we do and have the info all organized separately and tied to the site with easy reference is something we couldn’t manage effectively before. With everything in one place, we can easily see what needs to be done or what we are missing.”


Sara Dople, Senior Project Manager

"Sprint has a long history of working successfully with OneVizion and its OneVizion project management application in its national network build-out."


Michele Gehl, Vice-President Application Development and Operations

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