The Stranded Information Solution

Solve the complex problem of centralizing stranded information sets within enterprises.

Why use OneVizion® for stranded information?

Information gets stranded when you don’t know it’s there and can’t use it to enhance success. We collect all your Stranded Information™ and pool it together, regardless of source, giving you access to the data you need to make fully-informed business decisions.

Consistent Data Collection

Making all relevant data visible and actionable from a single source prevents valuable information from getting stranded in a different platform. All the unique details connected to a specific purchase order fit into OneVizion’s platform because there are unlimited spaces for exceptions unlike many of our competitors’ products. 

Rescuing Stranded Information

By pooling all data into a single platform, we help ensure you see the entire picture of your business. Our Gragile™ methodology, which allows you to be agile and start anywhere, not only prevents information from getting left out, but allows you to begin the transition at any part of a project without issue. Our flexibility gives you unlimited space to easily address exceptions and new information as it emerges.

The Trackor Strategy

The OneVizion platform solves the Stranded Information® problem with Trackors® (Tracking Object Records), containers for your individual records of data. Turn all your information into Trackors with no limits on captured detail. You can also store any associated electronic documents! Trackors display in the familiar grid-like fashion of a spreadsheet, which makes adjusting Trackors to new business requirements and making changes to data an easy process your users can do through the front end. There are no limits on the quantity of Trackors a system can contain.



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“Most of all, the OneVizion team we worked with were very interested in helping us achieve our system goals, not just sell us a system. They were willing to be creative, yet honest and direct. With OneVizion, we knew we were adding a partner to our company.”

Veronica Scozia
Associate General Counsel


"OneVizion provided SBA with a highly effective, cost efficient project management and reporting solution, enabling the organization with full visibility across all project related activities. Through its powerful Application Program Interface, we successfully integrated the solution with our ERP, Financial and CRM Systems. OneVizion was easy to configure, quick to implement and provided a high rate of adoption by the user community due to its ease of use and familiar look and feel."

Jorge Grau


“Being able to organize the different work/jobs we do and have the info all organized separately and tied to the site with easy reference is something we couldn’t manage effectively before. With everything in one place, we can easily see what needs to be done or what we are missing.”

Sara Dople
Senior Project Manager


"Sprint has a long history of working successfully with OneVizion and its OneVizion project management application in its national network build-out."

Michele Gehl
Senior Vice President
Solve the complex problem of centralizing stranded information sets within enterprises